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25 Aug: Makli Necropolis: One of the Largest Necropolis in the World

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

06 Aug: Do “Unethical” Clothes Incite Sexual Harassment?

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

29 Jul: Struggles That All First Time Mother-to-Be From Pakistan Have to Go Through

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

19 Jul: The Desi Dad Syndrome that Every Middle Class Kid Can Relate to

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

24 Jun: Top 10 Desi Struggles Every New Pakistani Bride Goes Through

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

13 Jan: Top 10 Traditional Markets to Explore in Pakistan

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

15 Dec: The Metamorphosis of King Zain-ul-Abidin

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

20 Nov: Bhong Mosque: A Beauteous and Dazzling Architectural Vision

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

05 Nov: Tim Blight on Pakistan: ‘Dare To Take The Road Less Travelled…’

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

30 Sep: The Beautiful Craft of Handmade Basketry in Pakistan

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

17 Aug: Jamila and the Amir

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

25 Jun: Hammal and Mahganj

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

19 Apr: Noori Jam Tamachi

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

07 Oct: Peshawar – Mahabat Khan Mosque & Mohalla Sethian

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

07 Aug: The Feisty Festivals of Kalash

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

21 Jun: 70 Decades Old Shah Allah Ditta Village and Buddhist Caves

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

31 May: Pakistan Heritage Cuisine Wins Gourmand Award 2018

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

22 Mar: Jabal-e-Noor-ul-Quran

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

29 Nov: Muslim Hands Street Child Football Team Wins ‘Future Depends On You’ Tournament 2017 in Russia!

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

02 Dec: The Meaning and Significance of Lapis Lazuli

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

18 Jul: Art Exhibitions at the Khaas Art Gallery

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

26 Mar: Sindhi Embroidery – Yet Another Gift From Gujrat

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

18 Nov: Historical Art in Pakistan

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

24 Oct: Noor Mahal of Bahawalpur

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

29 Sep: Exploring the History and Culture of Art and Craft in Pakistan

?Travel is the healthiest addiction?

Editor’s Choice

Mustansar Hussain Tarar is the Pride of Pakistan. He has been a legendary globe trotter, who has marked his name in the history of Urdu Literature. In this article, we

The concept of Coke Studio is always acclaimed by music lovers across the world. Rohail Hyatt was the mastermind behind its concept. His entire journey is very interesting and full

Sexual Harassment means unwanted physical advances towards a person. This act can humiliate a person’s dignity. It can result in life-long mental and physical health issues for the victim.? Sexual

Pakistan holds a strategic location.? Gwadar is one of those areas, which makes the country strategic. Moreover, there is the Silk Road passing in the middle of vast mountain ranges.

Many people consider a dog a best friend as its love for the master is incessant and likes to stay in an individual’s company. However, many of you will disagree

Your emotions and thoughts may go into overdrive as soon as you find out that you are a mother-to-be. Many women feel a mix of emotions at this time. They

Whenever anyone asks a Pakistani about their favorite dish, the answer is almost always ‘Biryani’. When Pakistanis hear that Biryani is on the menu, they tend to go crazy. The

It was December 2, 2020 that a single tweet by Hamza Ali Abbasi, the renowned actor, and director, on Twitter brought a storm of critical discussions and blog posts on

A typical Pakistani Desi dad is mostly seen as a tyrant, disciplinarian, and practical man who most often has issues with everything his children do. The Pakistani Desi father is

There are certain things in life that bring so much happiness and joy in life and one of those things is ice cream which is universally liked by everyone. Undoubtedly,

You might have heard of this famous place named Skardu if you have ever visited or have planned to visit the northern areas of Pakistan. Skardu valley is located far

The manner in which the Strings band took the world by surprise with their debut album is equivalent to the shock the team has given with their announcement of concluding

You probably would have heard about the services of Ghulam Mustafa Khar as the former Chief Minister and Governor of Punjab representing Pakistan Peoples Party at the national level among

Life does not seem to be moving in the right direction without a nice cup of chaitea. Chaa Peeso is an expression that is used almost every day by individuals

Hey girls! Many of you would have landed on this page to become more aware regarding all the struggles that you have to go through for arranging as well as

Biryani is a flavorful, aromatic, and classic rice dish which is one of the most loved Pakistani desi food around the world. This mouthwatering dish is almost everyone’s favorite dish

Top 10 Traditional Markets to go for Shopping in Pakistan Preserving the natural cultural heritage and beauty is the fundamental thing to do for an individual. Pakistan serves to be

A Haunted Story Your neighbours next door have finally shut down the racket they were making. Their baby’s crying has died down into peaceful snores and everything is calm and

King Zain-ul-Abidin was the eighth King (Sultan) of Kashmir, belonging to the Shah Mir Dynasty which ruled Kashmir from 1339 to 1561 and can be attributed at establishing Islam in

Pakistan is considered to be a rich country in terms of its cuisines and culture. Pakistan is a country that has got a lot of diversified cultures and individuals associated

Tim Blight has already journeyed to 50 countries across the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe as well as Oceania, and the list keeps on growing. Yet it was Pakistan that

Female Singing Sensations of Pakistan in the 20th Century Pakistan is a diversified land full of potential and talented people in various fields and niches. This thing is not anymore

Kallar Kahar: A Historic Place Kallar Kahar lies on the banks of River Jhelum and is a tehsil (sub-division) of Chakwal situated 26 km southwest of it. It is a

Cuisine of Peshawar: What Makes it so Distinct? The Pashtuns, tribal people, indigenous peshawari families living in the walled city and Afghans all make up the population of Peshawar. Each

This week we take a peek at two buildings of immense historical value; one that can be found in the center of the city and the other which can give

Following we take a look at a spectacular specimen of Mughal architecture (the only one in Peshawar), as well as some rare residential buildings: Mahabat Khan Mosque Background You can

The Kalash Valley is made up of three valleys. Birir is situated 34 km away from Chitral. Rumbur is 32 km away and Bumburet (the largest and most beautiful) is

Shah Allah Ditta Village: A Picturesque Historical Place Strikingly, the old village is titled after a well known Mughal Dervish Shah Allah Ditta and holds a significant presence for its

Pakistan Heritage Cuisine:?Best Asian Cookbook in the World Pakistan Heritage Cuisine was the only cookbook nominated from Pakistan and that too for two categories i.e. ‘Asian – Published in Asia’

Jabal-e-Noor-ul-Quran: A Sanctified Place Located on the outskirts of Quetta stand the Mountains of Chiltan, which hold a secret! Inside it, is?Jabal-e-Noor-ul-Quran?which is a hill encompassing a network of tunnels

Pakistan is the World No.1 Destination for Adventure Tourism According to British Backpacker Society! The??British Backpacker Society??was founded by Adam Sloper, Micheal Worall and Samuel Joynson. They venture into relatively

Muslim Hands Street Child Football Team Get First Position Muslim Hands Street Child Football Team consists of 8 Pakistani street children supported by a€?Muslim Handsa€? in Mirpur, AJK who participated

HUM Masala TV 24 Hour Cooking Channel Launched in UK at London Halal Food Festival, 2017 HUM Masala TV is our leading cookery channel which for the past nearly eleven


Exploring the History and Culture of Art and Craft in Pakistan

It would indeed be surprising if a region with a history as interesting as the subcontinenta€?s, did not have any memorabilia to showcase and represent its rich and varied culture. Pakistan is very lucky in this context that it is home to the cultures and traditions of a historical people.

Memoirs From the National Spelling Bee Competition by Dawn Media Group

Spellbound! The Bee No other co-curricular competition in Pakistan today is as big and as electric as the National Spelling Bee being conducted by the Dawn Media Group since 2005. For those new to the concept, the a€?Beea€?, as it is fondly called, is basically a spelling contest in which

Emerging Comedic Talent of Pakistan

A mention of Pakistani comedy and the first names that come to mind are comedic geniuses Umer Sharif and Shakeel Siddiqui, the satirical Sohail Ahmed, Anwar Maqsood, Bushra Ansari and the late legend Moin Akhtar, to name a few. Their comedic timing, clean humor and mass appeal is yet to

Zindagi Trust Brings Art to the Street Kids

Art? and the faculties of its promotion has been tremendously been neglected in Pakistan, but things are changing for good as a number of social change makers are promoting it through different mediums. Today, we will be discussing about the well reputed NGO, a€?Zindagi Trusta€?, which is doing a great

Noor Mahal of Bahawalpur

Noor Mahal (the Palace of Light) is situated in Bhawalpur, which is the 12th largest city of Pakistan and was once the capital of the Princely State of Bahawalpur. A? It is one of the few palaces that we can find in our country. It was built in 1875, taking

Wood Carving: A Devine Art in Intricate Etchings

Wood-Carving: An Art Since Mankind Till Mankind Many things exist in this world that reminds you of some old good times, you have memories associated with them, good and bad both and sometimes a€|.tragic too. Pieces of My Childhood, Etched in Wood Same happens with me so many times that

Top 10 Traditional Markets to Explore in Pakistan

Top 10 Traditional Markets to go for Shopping in Pakistan Preserving the natural cultural heritage and beauty is the fundamental thing to do for an individual. Pakistan serves to be

The Metamorphosis of King Zain-ul-Abidin

King Zain-ul-Abidin was the eighth King (Sultan) of Kashmir, belonging to the Shah Mir Dynasty which ruled Kashmir from 1339 to 1561 and can be attributed at establishing Islam in

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